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Möller named Bomlitz and Bitterfeld Operations Director

Wolfgang Möller, currently Production Director for the combined Stade Chlorine Plants, has been named Bomlitz and Bitterfeld Operations Director. Möller will start transitioning immediately and is expected to complete the transition by end of...


Dow Announces Methyl Cellulose Capacity Increase

Expansion Underscores the Company’s Commitment to the Industry


Dow Bomlitz is family friendly

Successful recertification for the Family Seal Northeastern Lower Saxony


"Future Day 2016" at the Industrial Park Walsrode

Almost 100 children visited the Industrial Park Walsrode on the occasion of this year’s “Future Day” on 28th of April. In the course of this, they could gather specific insights in the different areas and task fields of the industrial site. At...


Closing the gender gap: Research & Development Europe and India hosts first Women's development days at Bomlitz site

What makes one company more successful than another? An essential ingredient of the recipe for success is diversity. Studies indicate that companies in which the percentage ratio of women / men is balanced at all levels are economically more...


DOW Bomlitz - Driven to zero since 2 years

Bomlitz, 10/19/2015 -  “Triple Zero” at Dow in Bomlitz. With this conclusion, the company summarizes its positive results without having any work-related accidents, unscheduled material releases and security incidents that would have been...


200 Years of Industrial History - DOWs oldest Production Location celebrates its 200 th Anniversary

The industry location Bomlitz celebrates its 200th anniversary. With that, it belongs to the oldest chemical locations in the world. The location, which was founded in 1815 in the Napoleonic era as a powder mill for the production of gunpowder, has...

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