Service that pays off

The IPW's concept is thought to be unique in Germany. In contrast to industrial parks where one site operator offers all services, at the IPW specialized contractors undertake the operation of the infrastructure in line with needs and requirements.

Be it approval management and permit procedures, security & work safety, IT, utility supplies, logistics, waste disposal or HR management – SMEs will find the right mix of infrastructure and services at the IPW.

Within this flexible scheme, regular tendering procedures guarantee transparency and genuine competition. Joint utilization of resources enables you to reduce your capital expenditure and fixed costs while improving your productivity. The beneficial outcome is that professional services are provided at market prices which are passed on to the resident companies. Two examples: waste disposal costs were almost halved within five years, and the cost of IT services was cut by around a quarter. The companies profit directly from these savings. That is service that really pays off.

Dr. Martin Lohrie

Manager Industriepark Walsrode

Fon +49 5161 44 2588